John Walden

Technical Designer


Hello there! I'm from Australia and am currently working as a Technical Designer at Hazelight, Stockholm.

Whilst there's a lot to admire and love about game development, for me there is one aspect that stands above all others; The fact that a group of people with incredibly diverse backgrounds and skillsets can come together and create these amazing, virtual experiences. Coming from a music artist and DJ background, the level of creativity, interactivity and possibility that the game industry provides is mind blowing!

From programming mechanics, building systems and supporting other team members in the implementation of art, animation and audio, I love being involved in all facets of the game-making process. Acting as a design-oriented technical anchor between all other workflows is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting places to be!

Beyond game production, I still enjoy dabbling in music production accompanied with the occasional game of tennis!


+46 (0)73 424 5165