Ark Tower Defence

John Walden

Technical Designer

Game Designer


Blueprint Scripting

Game Design

Engine: Unreal Engine

Timeframe: Spare time

Platform: PC



Ark tower defence project is an infinite game of constantly spawning enemies that gradually get stronger. The player's goal is to survive as long as possible.

As I have never made a TD/RTS game before, this project was set to challenge myself and see if I could come up with my own solutions for a simple tower defence with few to no tutorials.


The goal of the game is to build up your Ark to escape the enemy. The player must balance between upgrading their Ark, and defending their base, using the available resources and options carefully.

Telegraphs structure into the world and spawns actor on click. Cancels build on right click.

Telegraph sets the actual actor build based on class selected


Enemies spawn within a certain radius from the spawn point. This is set via a random range between 2 float values.

Sets ratio of spawn and has a counter to check which class 'category' should spawn and in what order. Counter increments in a loop, going from 1-6, then back to 1 again each call.


The AI are very simple. They have a health component with resistance settings, and a basic AI move to location in their inheriting class.

Interface events on AI classes that change parameters such as resistance to different damage types and whether or not they are afflicted by virus (an attack occurring over time.

Based on button press, telegraph that specific actor to build in the world I.E. set actor to version with transparent materials and set location to mouse position on ground.

Linetrace checks ground if it is a buildable area.

Sets class based on classes set in Game Mode each spawn.

AI Base class sets new destination based on wheter they've reached the next spline point location

Health Component: Set on the AI Base class and has holds info + functionality related to health and resistance